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ObiiNext – the top UI UX company in Bangalore – derives its UI UX guidelines from the heuristic principles laid down by Jakob Nielsen and is driven by the ethos of human-centric designs.

ObiiNext specialises in researching and developing UX strategies, UI designing, UX audit, Rapid prototyping, MVP designing, and product designing. 

We care about making the user experience straightforward, intuitive, and engaging. We accomplish this by adhering to time-tested UX design principles: designs must be Adaptable, Clear, Coherent, Empathetic, Helpful, and Harmonious. We use cutting-edge tools like InVision Studio, Adobe XD, Figma, and WebFlow.

Our UX approach is based on the “Design thinking” (also known as Human-centric designs) principles. Compassion is the crux of our UX ability. Our ability to think like a customer to understand the person, business, users, circumstances and objectives sets us apart from the other UI UX agencies in Bangalore. 

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Our Service Overview

User Interface Company

UX Strategy: 

We help business plan their UX strategy by advising and devising plans based on human-centric design philosophy. We help businesses build concise goals and objectives, user persona modelling, and Market and Competitor research and understanding. 

User Experience Design Company

UI Designing:

The user interface design(UID) is the natural progression to UX designing. We specialise in visual designing world-class products, services, applications(Andriod, iOS, Hybrid apps, Progressive Web Applications) and websites. 

product designing

Product Designing: 

Our team of UX experts and Product managers collaborate to provide a holistic product designing and life cycle management service. Our services include Market Research, Competitor understanding, User persona development, UX road map and more. 

MVP and Prototype

MVP and Rapid Prototyping: 

We assist in building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate market and user assumptions. We advise on the ideal MVP experiment strategy and help develop and execute. We break down the MVP experiment metrics and help our customers understand their validated learning. We rapidly build iterative prototypes for our customers to validate and revalidate dynamically.

UX audit

UX Audit: 

We offer UX audit as a service to identify user journey blockages, experiences or elemental issues. We use empirical methods and heuristics-based thumb rules for the audits. The audit will include objective reviews, KPI mapping, remodelling of user personas, UX practices assessment and more.


Our Design Principles – What makes ObiiNext the top UI UX company in Bangalore


ObiiNext follows the classical approach, and in the classical approach, there are five principles of design: 


Coherence: A design needs to be coherent. No single element in a design is more important than the other. Elements must work well with other details for the design to provide an optimal user experience. 


Emphasis: The point of value needs to be emphasised in the design. The user must not miss the point that is being emphasised. This way, the user has a clear idea of what they are viewing and its comprehension.


Hierarchy: Hierarchy plays a very important in design. Using the hierarchy-based method, a company can establish a familiar design flow. 


Scale: The design needs to be proportionate across various devices, and the integrity of the design must be maintained. 


Rhythm: Rhythm is the perfect arrangement of the elements, perfectly in harmony, appealing to the eyes of the beholder. 

Best UI UX Service in Bangalore

Our UI UX process

Product Prototyping

Product Definition: 

We work closely with the customer to understand the context of the product or the application. The product definition establishes the product’s foundation. We collaborate with stakeholders to generate ideas about the product’s most fundamental level during this phase. This phase includes brainstorming with internal and external stakeholders, value mapping and high-level sketching. 

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We conduct extensive research on the market, competitors, and users during the research phase. Research is critical to design decisions, and hence we indulge in in-depth interviews and market research.

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Analysis is the next step after research. In this phase, we develop insights from the information gathered from the research phase. We build user personas, user stories and design storyboards. 

UI UX Bangalore


Having understood the “what”, “why”, and “how” questions from the research and analysis, We design low-fidelity wireframes and mock-ups to arrive at a consensus. This step involves sketching, wireframing and finally, prototyping. 

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Audit and Testing: 

Audit and validation are crucial in the design process since it enables our customer and us to determine if our design is effective for users. Typically, the validation phase begins after the high-fidelity design has been completed, as testing with high-fidelity methods yields more insightful feedback from end-users.

Top UI UX Service in Bangalore

Theory of UID and UXD

User Experience Design (UXD) and User Interface Design(UID) are the technological equivalents of identical twins. They are so intimately intertwined that they are frequently regarded as a single entity, yet in reality, they are distinct; but one cannot exist without the other.

User Experience Design (UXD) refers to the overall guiding emotion of the user experience of a product or service. In contrast, User Interface Design (UID) is the visual layout, the look and feel, and the colours and fonts of that emotion.

The fundamental idea of user experience design is to “get a positive emotional response from users in response to a product encounter and so develop a distinct selling proposition.” (Reference to Constantin von Saucken1’s Principles for User Experience Design, Jakob Reinhardt, Ioanna Michailidou, and Udo Lindemann’s work) However, due to the subjective nature of emotional responses, user experience design is intrinsically different. Expert UX expert Whitney Hess defines Visual design as having a concept for making an impression.

A UX designer may determine how the user interface operates, while a UI designer determines how the user interface appears. It is a collaborative approach, and the two design teams typically work closely together.

The UI group focuses on how these interface elements will appear on-screen. In contrast, the UX team has been working on the app’s flow, the number of buttons that guide you through your activities, and how quickly the interface provides users with the information they require.

The UX team would determine the optimal layout for the buttons, while the UI teams would adjust their designs to accommodate the new format.

Continuous teamwork and cooperation between UI and UX designers ensure that the final user interface is aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.