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ObiiNext has been the go-to software development company in Bangalore for the last decade. With a team of expert developers, product managers and people managers, ObiiNext leads the way for human-centric software development. 


Our leverage stems from our vision – “To be the Cost-Effective, ROI Driven, High Quality and High-Reliability IT service provider”. 

Top reasons for Choosing ObiiNext as your Software Development Partner:  


  • Proven Delivery Track record of over a decade. 
  • Top Quality Software development at a modest cost – save as much as 70% by hiring us. 
  • Training and After-sales support 
  • Structured delivery and iterative delivery. 
  • Bound by ethics and Legal documents. 

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Software Development Overview provides holistic Software development in Bangalore – India’s silicon valley. ObiiNext’s software methodologies are time tested and result-driven. ObiiNext delivers custom software applications incrementally and iteratively. Here is an overview of the software development we undertake:

Software Development Company in Bangalore

Design thinking: 

Our approach is driven by our empathy and compassion for our customers. Our ability to think like our customers make us a great partner. We adopt a human-centric posture to develop applications tailor-made for our customers. For many of our customers, we are their offshore software development centre in Bangalore. By extending the scope of engagement, we truly add value to our customers and their aspirations. 

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Technology Evangelism

We consult on technology adoption. ObiiNext has seen the software industry grow in the last decade and has contributed positively. Our skills and expertise across the tech spectrum allow us to consult businesses on the ideal tech stack for their software. We introduce tech stacks based on the problem statement of our customers. Our approach is to deliver High ROI at the modest cost possible. 

Software Development Company in Bangalore

Rapid Development 

We deliver applications rapidly, period. ObiiNext adopts a framework based approach to developing software applications rapidly. In this age of competition and first-to-market advantage, This is a massive advantage for our customers as they can go to market rapidly and validate their application assumptions. Our applications are tested for performance, load and functionality. Hence they are quality assured. 

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Deployment Standards 

At ObiiNext, We believe in the principles of DevOps. We bring over a decade of experience and expertise in development and IT operations. We adopt DevOps principles such as Version Control and Management, Repository structuring, Containerisation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, continuous feedback, Microservices, server monitoring and performance monitoring. 

From Aspirations to Reality

ObiiNext prides itself as the IT service provider for several startups, scaleups and MSMEs. We have product managed, developed and continue to maintain applications empowering organisations across the globe. We work with our customers in realising their vision. Our objective is to provide high-quality IT service at the modest cost possible, be a reliable partner for our customers, and be a catalyst for the growth of the Indian economy. Our expertise range from solutions such as ERP, CRM, CMS, and Travel Booking to modern applications such as eCommerce, Social media, Browser-based and PWAs. 

Our Development Process


Together with our customers, we establish the problem statement by adopting an empathetic posture. Our understanding stems from our compassion. By determining the problem, people, circumstance and need, we stitch the perfect problem statement that needs a software solution.



After identifying the issue statement, we put on our thinking caps. Then, we consider numerous solution possibilities and their potential impact on our clients’ business objectives. During the ideation phase, we also do market and competitor research to understand the application requirement better. We consult with our customers extensively and involve them in our brainstorming. 



After ideation, we start building a proof of concept (POC) – a low fidelity wireframe. These wireframes are provided to the customer for internal discussions. We join our customers in mapping the user journey, make tweaks as and when necessary, and then our UI/UX experts take over for building mockups. These mockups are validated against the objectives and user personas, and Once the mockups have been approved, a high-fidelity functional prototype is built. 



We build an enterprise-level application based on agile principles, delivering incremental and iterative value. Each increment is exhaustively tested for smoke, regression, stress, and load. Using continuous integration and continuous deployment, we deploy shippable increments on staging servers. We encourage our customers to join us in conducting A/B testing after each sprint.



We configure a production environment and deploy the application on it based on client feedback. The production environment is constructed following the client’s specifications about the expected throughput, the expected requests per second (RPS) during peak traffic, the expected peak-response time (PRT), etc.

Maintenance and After Sales Support


After deployment, we do a smoke test to ensure the application’s stability, and we continually monitor the application for redundancy, inconsistency, and stress. We provide state of the art after-sales support for our customers round the clock to ensure that the application has a smooth sail. 

What makes ObiiNext – Best Software Development Company in Bangalore.

Customer-Centric Approach: ObiiNext places customers at the centre of all its policies and principles. Customers and their well-being is our foremost priority. By being customer-centric, ObiiNext delivers value to its customers. 


Expertise and Skills: ObiiNext brings over a decade of experience building software applications across various devices. We have developed, deployed and continue to maintain software applications worldwide. 


Product Management Background: ObiiNext is led by a Product Manager. Our value addition lies in our product’s life cycle management expertise. As a result, we become product leaders for our customers’ products and deliver high-quality applications. 


Agilists by heart: Because ObiiNext is led by a product manager who is a certified product owner from, we are agilists by heart. Our development methodology is scaled agile, and we believe in delivering value incrementally and iteratively. 


After-sales Support: ObiiNext’s customers have stayed loyal for over a decade. We still manage the ERP of one of our earliest customers from 2009. We believe this is because of our after-sales support. We provide the best-in-class after-sales support. 

Software Development Company in Bangalore