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Your search for a SEO Company in Bangalore ends here. ObiiNext is one of the top SEO companies in Bangalore. For over a decade, ObiiNext has been SEO-SEM Subject Matter Experts (SME). From Panda to Penguin to Hummingbird, we’ve progressed along with Google’s algorithms. Keyword research, intent research, technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and campaign management are some of our specialities. We’re probably one of the few firms that can detect and eliminate Negative SEO.

ObiiNext’s holistic SEO approach makes it one of the best SEO agencies in Bangalore/Bengaluru. Our technical expertise in web development and website designing allows us to build landing pages optimised for speed, user experience and content placement. Our dynamic off-page SEO team builds excellent backlinks across all the popular genres of websites, such as article submission, business listing, classified submission, directory submission, forum submissions, guest posting, social bookmarking, PDF submissions and more.

With over a decade of experience, ObiiNext’s SEO team has matured with the Google algorithm, which is perhaps why we are one of the premium SEO agencies in Bangalore. Unlike our peers, we do not offer ‘package based SEO’; we tailor-make SEO campaigns based on the needs and necessities of our customers.

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What makes ObiiNext the best SEO company in Bangalore/Bengaluru?

Customer-Centric Policies: We keep our customers as the focal point for all our policies. Our ultimate goal is to be an excellent beta team for our customers, understand their aspirations and objectives, and build and manage their reputation.

ROI Driven Approach: We believe in delivering value for money. Hence, we do not offer standard packages – instead build bespoke customer-specific SEO campaigns concentrating on the return on investment.

Proven Strategies: We bring together over a decade of experience and expertise in building and managing SEO campaigns. We have delivered results consistently and regularly. Our strategies combining perfect on-site SEO, innovative link building and reputation management provide the perfect recipe for success.

Clarity: One of the profound things our customers observe when they meet us is our openness. We are candid in our discussions and approach. We say what we do, and we do what we say. As a result, our customers enjoy perfect clarity on the campaigns.

Time-bound Results: We understand SEO is a time game. One needs to be patient for the organic results to start showing up. However, we deliver time-bound results by proactive and innovative with our strategies.

SEO Company in Bangalore

Our SEO Process

SEO Agency in Bangalore

Understanding Business: 

We invite our customers over for the first contact. In the first contact, we establish an understanding of their business, objectives, value proposition, brand position and more. We believe this step is critical to the success of an SEO campaign as it allows us to get a concise picture of the target market. 

SEO Research in Bangalore


A keyword is a phrase used in a search. A business must understand what its potential clients search for in Google to optimise an efficient search engine. The business intent is where we begin our keyword research. After establishing the aim, we use standard tools to understand keyword variations, competitiveness, and difficulty. We will have a list of keywords to optimise the web page at the end of this phase.

SEO ranking

Market and Competitor Research: 

An essential aspect of an SEO campaign is understanding and appreciating what competitors are doing in terms of on-page SEO, Technical SEO, off-page optimisation, backlinks and more. By doing so, we can inherit some of the promising strategies adopted by our competitors and build on them. 

on page optimization

On-Page Optimisation: 

On-page or on-site optimisation refers to the practice of optimising the website elements to rank better. If the website is already built, we do a thorough audit for Tag optimisation, Content structuring, Sitemap and Robots.txt validation, load speeds, internal and external linking, structured data usage, metadata and mobile-friendliness. 

SEO content writing

Content Optimisation: 

An essential aspect of on-page optimisation is content optimisation. Google places a great value on the quality of content and readability of the content. We advise on placements, keyword frequency, content structures, and structured data if the website contents are already written.

SEO Backlink Building

Off-page Optimisation:

OffPage optimisation is the process of creating backlinks to a website. Backlinks are an expression of trust from one website to another. For a search engine, this indicates that one website endorses another. According to a study conducted by a well-known SEO tool, OffPage optimisation is the most influential aspect. We construct backlinks using guest articles on high-authority domains, forum and directory postings, and user-generated content.

Ingredients for a Succesful SEO Campaign

Search Engine Optimisation is a collection of strategies created and developed to improve a web page’s organic search engine rankings. SEO is a natural consequence. A high search engine rank indicates that the search engine trusts the information on the page enough to prioritise it above other pages, and the method of obtaining this is known as SEO (SEO). According to a survey conducted by a renowned website, more than 66% of individuals trust a higher ranking web page above an ad result.

We believe that there are four critical ingredients for a successful SEO Campaign:

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A successful SEO campaign must be based on solid market and competition research. It is imperative to understand the market and its variables for insight. These insights provide an opportunity to build an ideal SEO Strategy.

SEO strategy in Bangalore

The Strategy

A clear and concise strategy is vital for a successful SEO campaign based on the research. Research fuels the strategy, but the strategy needs to be dynamic and innovative. Google, Bing and other search engines love it when innovative strategies are adopted to gain traffic.

SEO process in Bangalore

The Process

SEO is a marathon; it requires a continuous and diligent result-oriented process done on a day to day basis. The process could seem tedious, but we can achieve favourable SEO results by committing to it.

seo skills in Bangalore

The Skills

SEO requires expertise and skills. Effective SEO campaigns need effective resources to execute research, strategy, and process effectively.

So, what’s next?

Call Us: Set up a ‘no-strings-attached’ meeting with us; coffee and the consulting will be on us. We will listen to your needs, audit your website or application and provide you with an SEO roadmap.

Discovery: If you decide to hire us as your SEO consultants, We will do an elaborate business-objective-goal orientation meeting with you. We will ideate your vision of SEO glory.

Research and Analysis: After discovering, we put on our researching hats and do a thorough market and competitors research and revert to you with exclusive insights extending the scope of the SEO roadmap.

Execution: Based on consultations and iterations, we build a bespoke strategy for implementation. One of the perks of being the best SEO service agency in Bangalore is that our strategies and methodologies are time-tested and result-oriented.