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ObiiNext – the leading cloud consulting services company in Bangalore – we assist businesses in adopting to cloud. We identify ourselves as the digital transformation engine.

ObiiNext’s Cloud Consulting Services India includes: Identifying the perfect cloud service provider for your business needs, designing & construct bespoke web & mobile applications, deploying an on-premises or physical server-based application to the cloud, and relocating one public cloud to another.

We have planned and delivered cloud architectures capable of handling over one million concurrent user requests from three distinct rich media front-end apps. Our architects are AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud-certified and have delivered more than 200 solutions spanning a variety of use cases.

ObiiNext is spearheading digital transformations of several startups, scaleups and MSMEs. Our digital transformation philosophy is based on three principles –

  • Digital Adoption for Scale
  • Digital Adoption for Security
  • Digital Adoption for Sustenance.

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Why ObiiNext is the Best Cloud Consulting Services in Bangalore?

Skills and Expertise: ObiiNext has been at the forefront of cloud transformation and adoption and has a team of highly skilled cloud consultants and engineers with deep industry experience and a proven delivery record.

Certified by the Service Provider: ObiiNext’s team is certified by the popular Cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Innovation: ObiiNext has provided innovative and intuitive solutions for multiple customers spread across the globe. Our approach is “high ROI, high availability and high reliability”.

Customer First: ObiiNext places its customers at the centre of its policies and principles. Customer’s priority is our priority. We believe in being the beta team of our customers.

Our Cloud Consulting Services

We believe that A business can achieve better ROI by having a better technology adaptation. A business application must be highly available and highly reliable. To accomplish this traditional physical server approach is inaccurate and costly. By hosting the application on a cloud server, the business can maximise concurrent request deliveries.

ObiiNext’s team comprises highly skilled cloud consultants and engineers with years of experience and various certifications from AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. As a value add, we also bring experience and expertise in DevOps. We have designed and deployed several highly available and highly reliable infrastructures.

Cloud Computing in Bangalore

Cloud Consulting Services:  

Our leverage as the leading cloud consulting service provider in Bangalore stems from the fact that we are a product life cycle management company having built and scaled startup products. ObiiNext provides the perfect roadmap for cloud adoption derived by understanding the current IT setup, application and environment constraints and requirements, business goals and objectives, scale and security, cost optimisation techniques and the sustenance strategy. 

Cloud Architecture Service in Bangalore

Cloud Architecture Designing Service: 

ObiiNext’s team comes with years of experience in designing cloud architectures. We evaluate the platform, technology and framework. We deep dive into the business aspirations and objectives and build a blueprint of the architecture. We reevaluate this proposed architecture against the high availability and disaster recovery attributes and tweak the structure to scale. If the customer expects varying traffic from multiple regions, we set up a Multi-region distribution system. 

Cloud Migration Service

Cloud Migration Services: 

Cloud migration is a tricky affair, and thankfully ObiiNext is fully equipped to handle any adversities originating from cloud migration. ObiiNext’s team thoroughly evaluates the benefits vs risk, scale and sustenance of the migration under consideration. We will set proof of concept and produce a roadmap for migration from an on-premises server to the public cloud or from a physical server to a public or from one cloud to the other. 

Cloud Management Service

Cloud Management Services: 

Our Team of excellent cloud consultants and DevOps engineers provide the perfect formula for the industry’s best cloud management services. Cloud infrastructure does come with its challenges, but with having a competent team, these challenges can be addressed. ObiiNext provides Cloud Management services that include DevOps,  infrastructure monitoring, backups management, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Security management.  

Microservices and APIs

Microservice Architecture Service:

ObiiNext’s team have expertise in Microservice based architectures. We offer services to break down monolithic architecture into microservices and set up Function as a Service (FaaS) infrastructure on the cloud. MicroService is an essential concept of DevOps. Microservice is an architecture style that structures an application as a collection of more minor services.

SaaS Application Development: 

ObiiNext’s development team has a software as a Service (SaaS) application development expertise. We have skills across the technology spectrum, such as  PHP (Laravel and Symfony), Python (Django and Flask), MEAN and MERN. ObiiNext specialises in designing, developing and deploying web, PWA and Mobile applications.

Why Cloud for Business Transformation?

Cloud Services in Bangalore


Businesses will increase their existing computing capabilities by adopting cloud computing with relative ease. For startups and expanding businesses, optimising cloud-based resources allows them to avoid the substantial one-time costs of hardware and software, reducing ongoing expenses to a minimum.

Cloud Consulting Service in Bangalore


Moving to the cloud reduces the cost of acquiring, maintaining, and upgrading IT systems. Consequently, the cloud model transforms capital cost into operational expenditure. Firms can dramatically reduce their IT expenses using pay-as-you-go models and other bespoke packages.

Cloud consulting service in Bangalore

Flaw Resilient: 

When using physical servers, one must purchase additional hardware in case of failure. In extreme situations, it is necessary to replicate everything. Moving to the cloud eliminates redundancy and outage susceptibility. Thus, switching to the cloud increases the stability of the systems and the accessibility of the data.

Cloud consulting service in Bangalore


Most data would be saved on remote cloud servers, eliminating the need for file storage, data backup, and software programmes that occupy most office space. The cloud frees up space on-premises and gives the business unlimited capacity to handle documents.

Cloud Consulting Service in Bangalore

Ease of managing: 

Firms can execute procedures more effectively with the cloud. Migration to the cloud allows the existing employees to concentrate on their primary responsibility of maintaining and enhancing the infrastructure. Consequently, cloud computing facilitates lean management and increases profitability.


Cloud Consulting service in Bangalore

Highly Available Architecture Overview: 

A cloud computing architecture with high availability accepts and executes user requests without interruptions. Numerous components are required to install a highly available architecture to provide uninterrupted service. A firm that processes many concurrent requests must have a server architecture that is both highly dependable and highly available.